User Expectations Testing (UET)

Disclaimer: I have not tested this on many things but did it once and worked out for me, would love to hear your thoughts on it.

What is UET?

When to use UET?

  • When a user is familiar with the functionality, using competitor products, have used the same feature in past.
  • When you are still solutionizing a problem or not finalized the direction
  • When you want to know what is expected after the click and not where to click
  • You need a direction for thinking about the solution. You will know what they want, now how to design that is in your hands.


  • Whats on the other side of the wall? What are user expectations of the product? How should the product react when they click on a button?
  • Reason: Why do they expect it to be there
  • What can be a better approach

How is it done

  • Show a screen to a user and ask if I as a user click on a button, what do you expect to happen e.g. “What do you expect to happen if you click on the checkout button on the screen?”
  • Users will answer (expectation) — e.g. “I think it will ask me to add my address and then make payment for the items selected.” This they will tell with their past experience or competitor workflow.
  • We can ask the user to explain the elements he expects to see or ask follow-up questions. e.g. “where do you think to apply coupon should come”



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