What not to do when applying for a design role in a company

Illustration from Blush.design —Messy by Pablo Stanley

In this difficult time, I know a lot of people are looking out for better opportunities, are eagerly waiting to get into a job. So I thought of writing this post as every day, I receive 100s of resumes for referring them into the companies. So here I am putting down things that you should avoid doing when you are sharing your resume with a recruiter or sending a message to apply/refer for a position in the companies.

  1. Don't make your resume fancy, make your portfolio fancy. Your resume will mostly be uploaded in the company’s portal that has limitations like file size should be less than 2MB, it auto reads your phone number, email, etc from your pdf resume. So make sure you have a proper, neat, and crisp resume that can be uploaded into the system without much effort and manual entry of your details from the person who is uploading it.

Well, these are a few of my suggestions. I hope this helps you all who are looking out for jobs to get results and land up into your dream job, all the best :)

If you have any questions or more suggestions feel free to put them in the comment section.

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